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Fall Classes 2024

Registration is open. Please click on the registration link (right) to enter your request. Payments can be submitted via zelle or paypal.

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Beginners, Intermediate dancers
classes with Jubilee Adult and Youth
Register and pay for classes below

1. Fill out registration form and submit 

2. Make payments using  ZELLE to or Paypal. Please use the drop down menu to select your payment and submit. You can also use.

Class times and location

Please see our calendar to see our class times

2474 Westchester Ave Bronx NY 10461
Saturdays TBA
Mondays TBA
Ages 8 to adult
 Class Fees
  • All student tuition is $120 per month for 4 classes (2 hours per class)
  • You can choose which day to attend.  If you would like additional classes there is an additional fee of $25 for each class above the monthly total. All classes are tailored to meet student skill level.
All students must submit tuition to be allowed to participate in class. 
Email with questions:

Class content offered
 (varies each season)
  • Ballet

  • Modern

  • African

  • Jazz

  • Choreography

  • Expressive/Creative dance and team building

  • Biblical foundations for the purpose of dance

  • Prophetic Dance


“Study to show thyself approved unto God a workman that needeth not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth”

2 Timothy 2:15 ​



Each class focuses on students’ development of kinesiological body awareness, technical facility, spatial expressiveness, and personal creativity. Skills learned in level I classes are refined and reinforced in all upper level classes.​


  • Study Scriptural foundations for dance (text)

  • Gain significant knowledge of dance elements, principles, and concepts (movement studies).

  • Develop and apply an understanding of basic principles of choreography  (each student will choreograph movement).

  • Apply knowledge, skills, and techniques to effectively communicate through dance

  • Spiritual disciplines studies

  • Discovering gifts, talents and purpose for the Kingdom study for all ages.

Jubilee Dance offers dance instruction in a safe environment by trained, experienced instructors. Our purpose for dancing is to glorify God. Students are offered the opportunity to dance at various events, conferences (may require travel), and holiday performances. We are working towards our ten year anniversary. We are looking for dancers to fill the roles of the characters in our next dance event.

'Invite us" We are willing to travel to you to dance or teach workshops.

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